Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stuff I did today!!

I couldn't decide what to blog about, so I'll ramble about the random stuff I did today.

First, I went to see my doctor because she wanted to make sure I wasn't getting any crazier. Apparently I've lost a couple pounds and am no longer in danger of totally freaking out all over everyone. Woohoo :/.

Next stop was my therapist who happens to be pretty cool. He had me do this weird thing where I had to visualize the different parts of my personality as distinct people and they had to interact with each other. It was  interesting to say the least, but I think it might have helped.

After a morning focused on my nuts-ness I decided I deserved a little BK Lounge for lunch. Double Stackers totally rule and are the perfect cure for getting way too in touch with yourself. Mocha BK Joes are pretty good too (its like an iced coffee with chocolate in it...yummmm!!!!). Interesting side note: apparently there's a new Whopper-scented perfume: BK Flame 

I got home and got a call from some people who want to interview me tomorrow; crazy huh?  I think its an actual interview and not a "career information session" like those people over at Waddell and Reed scammed me into last week.  Apparently the job involves managing people who deliver professional uniforms and clean room garments.  Hmmm.   I do enjoy being a delegatrix, so the job might not totally suck.  I'm usually pretty good at telling people what to do and gosh darn it, people like me (or something).
     Hopefully the interview will go smoothly and they won't ask why I randomly quit my last job.  How do you sugarcoat going crazy and crying all over the place?  I'm not psyched about my outfit, either.  Since I lost so much weight, NONE of my dress pants fit!  I lucked out at Goodwill and found a pair of blue pinstripe pants from the Gap and a pair of blue brown and white pinstripe no-name pants, but I didn't have any shirts that worked with them.  They were either too big or not professional enough.  I ended up choosing a black pencil skirt thats made out of some unimpressive poly/cotton blend and a sweet Ann Taylor white shirt with pink and purple pinstripes that I also found at Goodwill.  When I got the shirt home, I realized it requires cuff links.  Who wears cuff links anymore?  Good thing my mom had a pair of my Grandfather's hanging around; maybe they'll bring me good luck.  My shoes are boring black Steve Madden pumps and I'm going to wear the standard boring silver necklace and earrings.  I would much rather wear my purple Doc Marten mary janes.  Fitting in sucks :(.  I suppose gainful employment is worth some compromise.

This evening I went to my first Avon District Sales Meeting.  I couldn't believe that some ladies had been selling Avon for over thirty years!  One of the sales reps sold over $1,000 last campaign, and he's a dude!  It definitely gives me hope.

My two favorite shows debuted tonight at the same time and I had to choose between them :(.  My bf was nice enough to tape So You Think You Can Dance for me so I could watch America's Next Top Model.  This season they found a bunch of short chicks for ANTM including this crazy Jesus Freak who ended up dropping out.  Best quote of the night: "I'm modeling for Jesus!!"  I bet she didn't want to get nekked for Jesus.  My favorite is this nutso redhead who apparently was born with a bloody eyeball.  Freakazoids unite!  I wish they'd do an ANTM for aspiring plus-sized pinup models.

I don't have any photographic evidence for my blog tonight, so I thought I'd showcase a random piece of kitschy artwork from my Flea Market Treasures collection:

chicken mermaid

The dude that sold us this print kept refusing to lower the price on it for about a year and a half. He kept insisting that it was a "fine art print" and if we didn't want it, he could bring it home to his "feminist" wife. Eventually the bf broke down and bought it for me. How can you resist a flying chicken attacking the bare breasts of a psycho mermaid? Its my favorite of all time.

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